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1st. Public GameWatching 2015 in Berlin

The Patriots Fans Germany ( within the New Berlin Patriots and the Patriots N(H)ation ). The PatsFans have begun their PublicWatching-Season successful. On last Sunday it was again. In the legendary Tipperary the Patriots Fans Germany met to the Gameday. It was a full success which went back t... Read More

Dirk in New Berlin Patriots

Bbq kopie2
Family´n Friends PreSeason BBQ by the Patriots Fans Germany in Berlin

The PFG within the NBPs have hosted the PreSeason Family´n Friends BBQ in Berlin on 13th. June 2015

Dirk in New Berlin Patriots

20150511 berlinpatriots
Me Sebastian Vollmer and Fred Kirsch ( PFW )

Thanks for that xperience with the PFW-Team, Fred.

Dirk in New Berlin Patriots

Vollmer meeting
Me and Sebastian Vollmer

The CEO of the NBPs had a Meet with Sebastian Vollmer in Foxborough, MA. this may

Dirk in New Berlin Patriots

Pats @ Packers

Tailgating and Public GameWatching NBPs & PFG in Berlin´s #TheTipperary

Dirk in New Berlin Patriots