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Members and Tailgates

Various pics of members in their gear, tailgating and attending games!

Andrew in Patriots Fans Unite

Go pats

Awesome gane

Norberto in Patriots Cd. Juarez 656

Gameviewing of the PatriotsarmyNRW @ Sportarena Schrebers in Essen-Altenessen, Germany

Members pictures from Gameviewing of the game in Chicago. Patriots @ Bears 38-31. Pats win!!!!

Frank in PatriotsarmyNRW

The president of the NBPs to an officially visit in Foxborough ...

Thx. to Fred K. and Angelique F. for bringing me on the sideline ...

Dirk in New Berlin Patriots

Meet & Puff - Patriots Fan in Qatar

Meet & Puff - Patriots Fan in Qatar

Hady in Cigar Etiquette Pro