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On to the Bolts!

Sun, Oct 29 @ 11:00AM

OK Pat's Fans. It is on to the Bolts from Los Angeles. Isn't it still weird to say that? Anyway, this Sunday at 11:00 AM for kickoff, Uptown Sports Bar. We may be in the main room since the owner feels this is the best early game and it will be on main room sound or he said we can have one of the private rooms if we want it so if you don't see us in the main bar look in the attached rooms for us. Sunday night was my first visit to Uptown Sports Bar and first time in that building since it was the old 505 restaurant, that is a trip down memory lane for everyone that has been here for some time. Come on out have a beer or whatever, they have great food and the service was really good. If we can get enough attendance we'll continue on with the Pat's trivia give away. Be there or be a Bill's fan!

Chargers 2017 b
Gameviewing San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots

Sun, Oct 29 @ 05:00PM

Our Fan Club #patriotsarmyNRW celebrate the next game Party @ Schreber´s in Essen. All Club members and friends are very welcome to see the game against the Chargers.