Bootleggers Prohibition Pub

Worcester, MA 01609 United States

Phone: 508-753-1889

Bar Information

Transport to a world of forbidden excitement elicited from the speakeasy era. Behind the local grocer, lies a den of desirable eats and compromised cocktails creating a tantalizing and memorable eating and drinking experience. Unknowingly, you are seduced and hypnotized by the secret and seedier side of prohibition. Black and chrome chairs, reclaimed wood tables and plush seating all create a relaxed yet tantalizing setting for guests to be absorbed in casual dining. Crafted cocktails and delectable bites can be enjoyed by larger parties in one of two communal banquette areas. The steel bar hosts spacious seating made to enjoy the finest moonshine cocktails in the city.

  • 234 Chandler Street
    Worcester, MA 01609 United States
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  • Established Date: September 21,2016
  • Last Updated: 3 years ago