Catalina Lounge

San Diego, CA 92107 United States

Phone: (619) 224-4979

Bar Information

Welcome to what the Ocean Beach locals affectionately refer to as the Cat Lounge. A local, unpretentious, "dive bar", where local Patriot fans and transplanted New Englanders gather to watch Patriot games every Sunday. If you're looking for long lines, velvet ropes, and overpriced drinks there are plenty of other options for you, but if you're looking for reasonably (this is code for "cheap") priced drinks, 15 flat screen HD tv's, free munchies, drink specials, and great people to enjoy a Pats game with then you have found the place. The bar opens at 9:30am every football Sunday, and we hope to see you there to cheer on the Pats!

  • 4202 Voltaire St
    San Diego, CA 92107 United States
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  • Established Date: January 29,2015
  • Last Updated: 8 years ago