Kings Dining and Entertainment

doral, FL 33122 United States

Phone: 844-494-9400

Bar Information

Kings Dining & Entertainment offers a memorable dining and entertaining experience unlike any other. Kings Dining & entertainment boasts a restaurant-first approach with amazing scratch dishes from its chef driven award-winning kitchen in classic retro environment. Guests can start with fan favorite appetizers such as the Buffalo Chicken Wontons & Bang Bang Calamari and move on to crisp salads, House Smoked Ribs, Fresh Salmon or Grilled Steak Tips while enjoying a premium cocktails. Guests can round out their meal with decadent desserts and craft beers. Of course, Kings Dining & Entertainment also sets itself apart with timeless social gaming. Kings Dining & Entertainment features family friendly days and a haven for adults after 10pm.

  • 3450 Nw 83rd Ave
    doral, FL 33122 United States
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  • Established Date: June 21,2018
  • Last Updated: 5 years ago