The Hidden Shamrock

Chicago, IL 60614 United States

Phone: (773) 883-0304

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The Hidden Shamrock opened its doors in 1987. The idea, however, was born a year earlier when three guys fresh out of Holy Cross opened up a hole-in-the-wall on Clark Street called Mamie Riley’s. Mamie’s only lasted a year. But what a year. The lamp was lit. The game was on. And, the following spring, the show moved two blocks west, to 2723 North Halsted. What was the bar business like back then? The Hidden Shamrock was the second tavern on the North Side to have Guinness on tap. The first to use imperial pint glasses. The first to show live soccer matches from Europe. The first to feature live Irish music and a full Irish breakfast. You get the idea. The best thing about the Hidden Shamrock, however, has been the people. Over the years, we’ve had staff and customers from all over the world call the Hidden Shamrock home. Husbands have met their wives. Wives have met their husbands. And then there’s St. Patrick’s day. There are a lot of great taverns in Chicago, but very few that feel like your own living room. That’s the Shamrock. Come on in. Grab a seat next to the fireplace. Order a pint. And let the craic begin! GO PATRIOTS!!! Opens at 4pm during the week and 11am during the weekend.

  • 2723 N Halsted St
    Chicago, IL 60614 United States
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  • Established Date: May 24,2016
  • Last Updated: 7 years ago