Pats Fans San Antonio

San Antonio, TX 78231 United States

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Welcome to Pats Fans San Antonio. We are a diverse group of Patriots fans that meet every week in support of the Patriots. Some of us are from San Antonio and other parts of Texas and some of us are New Englanders. The New Englanders bring the New England feel to the group. No matter where we are originally from we are die-hard Patriots fans and enjoy meeting to watch the games with like-minded Patriots fans. No matter where you are from you are welcome to come out and join us for one of our events. In the off season we stay connected by going to Red Sox games, Spurs and Celtic games and various other events.

  • 2313 NW Military Hwy
    San Antonio, TX 78231 United States
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  • Established Date: April 23,2015
  • Last Updated: 2 months ago
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