The New England Patriots Supporters Club of Queensland

Brisbane Australia

Club Information

Fan club to be based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Founding members will be the McGuinness brothers, Peter and Noel who have been two of very, very few NFL fanatics in our part of the world, and even fewer Patriots nuts!!! Having been supporters of the Pats from the other side of the earth for close to 30 years, many of our friends have also been 'infected' by our love for New England. We frequently host up to 15-20 people in our home bar and sports theatre for games. Not bad considering we often only get coverage at 2am local time!!!! We've bought lots of stuff from the pro-shop, so that our bar looks like a clubhouse why not make it official. We are all amped down here for this years season, and we can't wait to be your most remote fan club!!!!

  • 22 Liatoki St
    Brisbane Australia


  • Established Date: May 29,2006
  • Last Updated: 3 months ago
  • Members: 15
  • Yearly Dues: No Membership Dues